In Review: Folkloric-electronic crossover bliss in Abraham Brody’s new album, ‘Crossings’

American-Lithuanian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Abraham Brody has just dropped his brand new album, ‘Crossings’, today, a 9-track triumph (plus one bonus track), produced by Francesco Fabris at Greenhouse Studios (Ben Frost, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Björk) in Iceland. Since already establishing himself in the classical and performing-arts worlds, Abraham has now shared what is arguably his most personal release to date. ‘Crossings’ takes the listener on a journey that is both at once deeply folkloric as well as contemporary and personal.

The album begins with what serves as a haunting intro, ‘Phantoms’, the sparse and eerie overture that sets the mood for the whole of ‘Crossings’ – mysterious, folkloric, soaked in synth and bittersweetness. The second track ‘Brambles’ begins with a host of retro synth sounds and quickly begins to showcase the versatility of Abraham’s sound. Folk-style vocals layer like a fugue, while electronic claps and synth undercut the traditional elements of the track, providing a push and pull that suspends the piece delicately between genres. In addition to this, Abraham’s lyrics are steeped with rich imagery, filled with allegorical descriptions of nature; when he sings “thicket of time“, the listener can picture this complex image in full.

The third track, ‘Red Sun’, provides a clear look into Abraham’s virtuosity as a composer and an instrumentalist; beginning with a rolling pizzicato melody, the track builds layer by layer with a variety of harmonising string parts until the contemporary cinematic symphonic piece has reached its apex and then slowly peels away again, ending with the same rolling pizzicato notes. Subsequently, ‘Anna A’ also begins with a pizzicato melody, however, this track is significantly different in mood. For the most part, ‘Anna A’ comes through like an old lullabye, a delicate and, dare I say, ‘spooky’ piece that uses pastoral images and Lithuanian vocal parts. When the listener least expects it, in true Abraham Brody style, an ominous bass-synth enters the mix, providing counterpoint to the lilting folk tune. 

A distorted synth sound introduces us to ‘Nightingale’, in contrast to the way ‘Anna A’ delicately spins a folk yarn. ‘Nightingale’ builds and swells with a rhapsody of strings, leaving one feeling an almost tangible bittersweetness in Abraham’s delivery – hopeful, but trapped. Again, Abraham showcases his exceptional storytelling talent with ‘Zane’. Simple yet beautiful vocal layering paired with piano and violin melodies accompany the mysterious tale, feeding the listener imagery and story-snippets that make us want to beg for more.

‘Black Moon’ then takes us to the more experimental side of Abraham’s virtuosity. What immediately strikes me is the clever naming of the track, a mirroring of ‘Red Sun’, and then, the unusual editing of the piano sound in the track. Unusual as it is, it works flawlessly within the rest of the mix, adding to the lilting, minimal edge of ‘Black Moon’. Again, Abraham provides the listener with a new kind of lullabye, in the form of ‘Mother’. The lyrics of the refrain, “free yourself”, are so poignant and flow beautifully through the dramatic, slightly eerie track.

Track nine, ‘In The Dream’, is probably the most synth-heavy and electronic track on ‘Crossings’, but also one of the most vulnerable; the song brings up all the bittersweetness of insecurity for the listener, cradled by a plaintive, droning synth. Abraham has also included a bonus track on ‘Crossings’, a wonderfully dark and electronic version of the third track, ‘Red Sun’; a more experimental and ominous version of the expertly composed piece.

Listen to the new ‘Crossings’ LP, by Abraham Brody, here:

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Electronic producer Croatian Amor prepares ‘Isa’ LP release for Posh Isolation, stream chill delight ‘Dark Cut’

The Copenhagen-based label run by Loke Rahbek himself and Christian Stadsgaard aka Vanity Productions (together form Damien Dubrovnik), has established its name as a globally respected experimental label, which started as a place of incubation for many artists across Scandinavian avant-garde music.

Following Rahbek’s previous album Love Means Taking Action and releases on the esteemed Editions Mego imprint under his given name, Isa now proves to be a big step for Rahbek who has always been akin to collaborations in his works. He now invites familiar faces from Copenhagen’s music scene to contribute to this narrative which perhaps becomes the album’s most endearing quality.

‘Eden 1.1’ and ‘Eden 1.2’ feature the voices of Frederikke Hoffmeier aka Puce Mary and Yves Tumor, respectively and act as some of album’s most delicate pieces, while other tracks also feature vocals from Alto Aria, Soho Rezanejad, and Jonnine Standish of HTRK.

Croatian Amor consistently circles themes of tragedy and comfort to animate a sense of hope while balancing melancholy which evocatively blends fiction and reality.

Stream ‘Dark Cut ft. Jonnine Standish’ by Croatian Amor below

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Russian electronic producer Spaceouters drops darkened, immersive Wave thrill, ‘Ma’

George Dobrev, better known as Spaceouters is an electronic producer currently based in Russia. Spaceouters blurs the lines between experimental electronic music by implementing elements of Wave, drum’n’bass and IDM into his flurry of productive bliss. Recently featured on prominent YouTube channel Fluidified, his latest single and offering titled “Ma” is an atmospheric cascade of emotions; driving basslines, immersive percussive textures and synthesisers all float atop dreamy processed vocal samples. A definite, addicting ‘hit-repeat’ notion ensues, creating the perfect soundtrack to one’s life and surroundings.

Stream “Ma” by Spaceouters below –

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KIDSØ shares a scenic and serene video for their new track, ‘Silent’

KIDSØ is an electronic live duo from Germany that has been making waves with their calm electronic productions which tells a story without saying too much. They recently released their EP, Apart EP via Finest Ego and shared a new music video for the second single from this EP, ‘Silent’.

Their previous single, ‘Apart’, had a striking music video that caught you off-guard. At first, you find cuteness in the animated whales, but soon after your heart is torn apart. This track and video offer a similar melancholic soundscape, as you struggle to figure out if you’re supposed to feel hopeful or depressed. That is a sign of great production Tender piano chords and melodies bounce over a steady bassline as you gaze upon the scenic landscapes offered by the music video. The images are contorted however, telling the viewer that more is going on than you might realise at first. 

Do yourself a favour and stream/download/buy their latest EP as it’s a must-have on any relaxing playlist. You can get KIDSØ’s Apart EP here.

Turn the volume up, sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the cinematic majesty of KIDSØ – Silent

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Anthony Naples drops second full-length, ‘Take Me With You’, a cosmic journey of ambient electronic beats

New York-based electronic producer and DJ Anthony Naples has just dropped a brand new 12-track album which is first available as a cassette via limited-press label Good Morning Tapes, but also subsequently in a variety of other formats, including vinyl. Conceived originally by Naples as somewhat of a tribute album in celebration of times spent with friends, ‘Take Me With You’ then grew into a much broader and cosmically-focussed series of tracks that pay homage to abstract feelings of longing, camaraderie and belonging.

Filled with soft, sparkling synth sounds and peppered with dub-inspired beats, Anthony Naples showcases a sentimentality and versatility with this new release that is bound to captivate any who hears it.

Listen/buy Anthony Naples’ brand new LP, ‘Take Me With You’, below.

  Take Me With You by Anthony Naples


Poltrock Releases Gloomy Stripper Filled Music Video for ‘Titanus’, with a Surprise Ending

Belgian producer and composer, Poltrock, released a stunning yet melancholic music video for his track ‘Titanus’ which is the first single from his upcoming LP, ‘Machines’. Poltrock has been releasing several albums as part of a trilogy (Mutes, Moods, Machines), but the length in between each date is quite unconventional. Seeing as he uses pianos and keyboards quite often, David Poltrock decided to release an album in intervals of 88 days; the same amount of keys you would find on a standard keyboard. 

The music video for Poltrock’s ‘Titanus’ follows an aging stripper (portrayed by acclaimed Belgian actress Sigrid Vinks), surrounded by women much younger than her. The protagonist of the video is finishing her work for the night as she cleans off her makeup, gets dressed and heads home. The somber music and bright piano, perfectly complements the gloomy atmosphere and cinematography of ‘Titanus’. A track filled with tender layered production, Poltrock has proven that there is more to him than meets the eye.

The surprise ending catches you off guard, but without giving away too much, watch Poltrock’s music video below –

Poltrock explains that, for the ‘Titanus’ music video, “I wanted to avoid emphatic images of Icelandic horizons and mountains, which may also suit my sound.” The video’s co-director, Murielle Scherre, has explained before how she is “intrigued by imagery, particularly by the way women were being depicted in media. It’s so narrow-minded.”, and we are lucky enough to see part of her rebellion against this in her collaboration with Poltrock and Sam Ostyn

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Oneohtrix Point Never prepares new EP ‘Love In The Time Of Lexapro’ in November, shares atmospheric title track

Warp Records proudly announces the new Oneohtrix Point Never EP, Love In The Time Of Lexapro.
Opener and title-track “Love In The Time Of Lexapro” has been receiving incredible live reactions as the only unreleased OPN composition during the ongoing “Age Of” world tour. Now, finally the recorded version is to be made available and is undoubtedly one of Lopatin’s most beautiful compositions. Side A closes with a further collaboration between OPN and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the latter’s starkly beautiful reworking of Age Of’s “Last Known Image Of A Song”; while side B starts out with another brand new unreleased song “Thank God I’m A Country Girl” and finishes with an acoustic collaboration with Alex G on another Age Of stand-out, the haunting ode to New York City, “Babylon”.

Stream “Love In The Time Of Lexapro” by Oneohtrix Point Never below

Love In The Time Of Lexapro EP Tracklist:
1. Love In The Time Of Lexapro
2. Last Known Image Of A Song (Ryuichi Sakamoto Rework)
3. Thank God I’m A Country Girl
4. Babylon (Alex G & OPN)

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Berlin-based dream-pop artist ZUSTRA announces new material, stream previous single ‘Make Sense’

Dubrovnik-born and Berlin-based dream-pop artist ZUSTRA reveals news for latest single “The Words” dropping in November.

ZUSTRA, better known as Ariana Zustra, music journalist for Rolling Stone, Musikexpress, Radio1, among other big players in Germany has been making solo dreamy, synth pop music for a year now expressing her sheer passion and creative outbursts.

Stream ‘Make Sense’ by ZUSTRA below –

Above is only just a taste of what is yet to come during ZUSTRA’s inevitably bright future.

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[Image credit: Christian Schneider]