New Heart ‘Melting’ Music Video from Nico Cartosio

Nico Cartosio only one year into his career offers pure beauty in every aspect of his art, from music to cinematography. His album is set to drop sometime in 2019, and Cartosio has independently released the new single and music video ‘Melting’ on 21 March. The album in question was recorded at the legendary Abby Road Studios in London. 

Cartosio‘s talent for meeting classical composing with beautiful storytelling is undeniable. His work is deep and emotional as presented in previous releases like ‘Christmas on the Moon’ or ‘Snow Above the Earth’.

All Nico Cartosio videos have a knack for putting you right there with him, as either a character or spectator. Great emphasis is put on the lighting in this video as it changes to suite the mood of the music. The music itself wakes a stunning looking woman from where she sleeps and lures her to him. According to Cartosio, the song was inspired by a women he met in Rome. While the video seems like an intimate memory meant for her eyes only.

Watch the video for ‘Melting’ here.

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Moonlik Releases the Perfect Night Drive EP ‘Midnight Symphony’

Hailing from Tournai, Belgium comes a chill, experimental sound that will set your mind into another dimension. Going by the name Moonlik, the electronic producer has released his Midnight Symphony EP. 

Rich with verbal speech samples and groovy bass lines that get your head nodding off to the beat, Midnight Symphony is the kind of music you want to drive around in the middle of the night and listen to, as the street lights pass you on by one and become but streaks in the night sky.

About his passion for the art, Moonlik says, “I had to find a way to let this inner volcano erupt, so I bought a computer and a sampler and that was the beginning of an addiction which will never leave me, I think. It’s a bit like falling in love, you feel over the moon, invincible, and you are ready to devote your entire life to that love, coz you believe in it.”

Listen to the first track off Midnight Symphony, ‘Universe’ here.

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Dark and moody, listen to Tim Aminov’s latest R&B track, OPIUM

Producer, composer and vocalist Tim Aminov has released ‘OPIUM’, an atmospheric new single inspired by Russia’s current political climate. The Moscow-raised artist will also be releasing an album of the same name in the near future. 

 Aminov’s diverse influences range electronic and new-wave artists such as The Cure or Depeche Mode, to the likes of Yves Tumor, Gaika, Amnesia Scanner, and James Blake. Delving deep into a rich, atmospheric and textural territory, his blend of electronica, RnB, neo-Soul, and definitive trip-hop and chill tones, have piqued the interest of tastemaker publications such as Clash Mag and Kaltblut. His video for single ‘Orpheus’ was nominated for Best Music Video at the London Festival London Short Series, and previous single ‘Veneno’ saw support from the likes of BBC 1xtra’s Jamz Supernova, Earmilk and FGUK.

This release was written under the influence of a difficult situation in Russia. We live in a very aggressive political mood and this mainly concerns ordinary people in our country” he comments. The track reflects this mood, as introduced with melancholic, atmospheric keys, and Aminov’s voice lulling the listener into subservience. It continues to a bass-heavy beat, with the slightly ominous tone reminding us that this is a song born from political unrest.

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Tony Anderson Releases Beauty in a Track ‘After the Storm’

Fort Lauderdale’s own film composer, Tony Anderson blesses us with ‘After the Storm’, released on 23 February and featuring guitarist Justin Loose. In the description of the song, Anderson explains his urge to do a reimagining of a previous song ‘Resurrect’, to find “… a different way to express it (the song)”. 

The song feels as if made for a movie. Perhaps one that starts off on a sombre note and later finds some form of light. The incorporation of a live guitar and piano brings the song home really. Perhaps today I cannot exactly trust my emotional response to this but it really is quite an emotive song, which is not at all uncommon for Tony Anderson, and threatens to evoke heartache… but maybe even healing. 

Listen to ‘After the Storm’ here.  
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Rich Aucoin Lends Chrome Sparks for New Song ‘The Mind’

In a sea of electronic artists, it’s always an utmost pleasure when one can sit back and use the word ‘musician’ for the original intent of the word. During a 13 year career offering much more than just music, Rich Aucoin fits the bill with his incredible signature dish of electronic indie brought to life with live instruments. 

The latest single from the artist, entitled ‘The Mind’ released on 8 March, rises with pulsing synth waves, spiralling out and then back inside towards the beating heart of the song, provided by the live drum skills of Chrome Sparks on the main kit, and complemented by a session recording drum beat by Justin Peroff of Broken Social Scene

According to Aucoin, “This track is about the mind and therefore has no lyrics.” Instead what the song offers are two sonar like vocal samples which switch out and weave together. About the vocals Aucoin explains something interesting, “The vocal melody seamlessly switches from male to female vocals with Jenn (Grant) and my voices being the samples.” And in a song entitled ‘The Mind’, I wonder if Aucoin is not perhaps making some kind of statement with this. Perhaps I should hope for a music video that provides more clarity on this before I jump to any conclusions. 

Listen to ‘The Mind’ here.
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