Ambient music producer Calibre announces a new album ‘Planet Heart’

The multi-faceted producer and DJ, and one of electronic music’s most respected, Calibre releases his brand new record ‘Planet Hearth’ on November 29th. An album featuring exclusively new material, and dedicated to a very close friend who passed away last year, this is by far the most personal and poignant record he has ever made. 
First coined in 2015, the album has taken four years to complete and in his own words ‘part of a slow metamorphosis that I have wanted to do for a long time’. Escaping to Valentia on the West Coast of Ireland, he sought solace away from the grind of modern living to write music and draw inspiration from his surroundings. It was during this time that he experienced great personal loss, which can be felt throughout the record, forming an emotional narrative that will make even the hardest of hearts shed a tear upon listening. 
The title track ‘Planet Hearth’ was made in Belfast a few weeks before losing his close friend, and in his own words: “I remember this one feeling very automatic and emotionally engaging, the timing for me has great meaning”. Whilst the track ‘Five Minute Flame’ was written in five minutes one morning in Valentia with the sun streaming in and the coffee being made, showing just how he can draw inspirations at any moment of the day, “I love the immediacy of writing music very much” he states. Largely ambient, there is a nod to his drum and bass roots with ‘Walking in Circles’, a track that can, and has been played in one of his dnb set. Whilst the album has been playing throughout the year in different club settings, opening the night with the sound that he so loves, the record wasn’t made for the club as such, ‘originally the idea was to put music together that didn’t need to be played in a club, that it could be whatever I wanted.’ 
This is an honest and pure record that steps away from Calibre’s drum and bass persona that he’s so synonymous with. A somewhat melancholic and atmospheric piece of work, it still has that signature Calibre sound, attesting to the incredible diversity of the man. A true master of his craft, his ability to constantly create and consistently deliver with such honest expression is staggering. A chameleonic creator in the purest form – as a painter, fine artist, multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer – he has a career stretching over two decades with over fifteen albums of varying genres. 
To coincide with the release of the album on November 29th, it’s perhaps fitting that he makes his return to XOYO – the London venue he resided in for 10 weeks from July through to September – as he plays on the Dekmantel Soundsystem residency, who he passed the baton onto for the Autumn-Winter season. 
This is Calibre in his rawest, purest and exposed form, delivering a body of work that he cares about the most. 
‘Planet Hearth’ Tracklist: 
01 – Hills 
02 – Colby Park 
03 – Eratik 
04 – Five Minute Flame 
05 – Planet Hearth 
06 – Walking In Circles 
07 – Sheven 
08 – Thought Fields 
09 – Error 
10 – Waiting For Reasons 
11 – Chasm 
12 – Pine 
13 – Down That Road 

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Music producer Nikita Zabelin announces a new debut album ‘Rhizome’

Rhizome is Nikita Zabelin’s first solo album release and coincidentally his most ambitious work yet. The attempt to musically grasp and visualize the unseizable: The invisible and absolute absence of the self. ‘Emptiness’.
Complex generative patterns and brute abstract melodies paint brittle contours around harrowing empty spaces with such confident strokes, capturing the listenerʼs attention in every moment. Nikita’s unusual, impulsive yet gloriously catchy arrangements combine deconstructed IDM and minimalistic ambient sounds. They seem to be intentionally negating lead melodies and classic compositional structures, putting focus on the unheard and hidden. It’s a vast uprising of the concealed. An unconventional effort to put the listener at the center of attention, rather than to enforce a suppressive narrative onto them. With ‘Rhizome’, Nikita Zabelin creates infinite spaces for the audience.
Imagine a labyrinth that connects many rooms. You donʼt know what expects you in each of them. Your joy is here, your fears are here, the ten-year younger you is here too. In Rhizome, each track is an empty room that only an individual listener can fill with their view and personal perception. A void that comes to life when you start walking through it, not afraid to be imaginative, honest, or even deconstructive. An open fluid space for the listener that becomes anything they want.
Born and raised in the central part of the Urals, Nikita’s life has been shaped by the endless expanse of unpopulated landscapes and the harsh daily grind of a steel industrial urban city. Music became the embodiment of a future that offered space for the unheard and unsighted in a world full of restrictions.
‘Rhizome’ is the offering of an entire decadeʼs worth of work. Melting together in an inclusive conceptual piece of art that is the product of an intense collaborative journey between Nikita Zabelin, Berlin-based designer Ksti Hu’s bold and experimental artworks and the Moscow sculpturist Helen Fabulousbeastsʼs handcrafted works. It arguably showcases one of the most exciting eastern experimental electronic artists of our time.

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Examine the decay in our world with Larch’s latest song

Experimental electronic duo Larch have just released their latest track, ‘A Mirror in Ultraviolence’ via sinc(x) Records on 8 November and premiered via Music Week. Heralding the approach of their upcoming EP  (The World is Dangerous; Go Outside), the single sets the tone for what is to come.

With cascading synths reverberating throughout the track and chiming electronics, the artists message can, at first, be difficult to see. Aiming to present self-actualisation in a decaying world, the message becomes clearer in the last 26 seconds on the song. Revisiting the rest of the track allows the listener to notice the decay that becomes more apparent with each listen.

The World is Dangerous; Go Outside tracklist
01.  A Distorted Season
02.  A Long Extinct Species
03.  A Mirror in Ultraviolence
04.  A Certain Ecology
05. A Passing of Event Horizons

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Music producer Laima releases new song, ‘Power’

London based Brazilian artist Laima today releases ‘Power’, the latest track to be taken from her double-vinyl debut album ‘Home’, pressed and distributed by The Vinyl Factory and released by DEEWEE on November 8th.
Speaking about the track, Laima explains “‘Power’ is a lullaby from mother to child about the things we think we need. Do we really need them? And why do we think we need them? In the end, most of us just want and need the same things and all of our experiences now will turn into memories.”
Today Laima also announces a series of very special live performances that will take place in four homes across London and Manchester this November. Laima collaborated with Brazilian artist Stephan Doitschinoff on the performance’s creative process. In keeping with the album’s disregard for convention, Laima and Stephan took an esoteric approach to the live experience. Instead of performing in traditional venues the decision to perform in people’s homes aims to spark debate about the importance of home, motherhood and the love that bonds a family together. Dates and postcodes for the performance are listed below – for more information on these performances please get in touch.
Rooted in the São Paulo contemporary art scene, Laima Leyton’s credentials in the world of music are firmly established as one-half of Mixhell alongside her husband Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy) and for her work with Soulwax. Now the producer, musician, activist, artist, mother and teacher unites her multifaceted talents with ‘Home’.
There are two key elements that make ‘Home’ such a distinctive project. Thematically it explores how the two core contrasts that inform Laima’s life can coexist. On the one hand it’s about domesticity – her love for her family and her frustration with domestic routine. Yet on the other, it’s about her creativity – her desire to express herself artistically while still tending to her role as a mother and a housewife. 
Sonically, ‘Home’ is also a striking proposition. It’s a package that features two records that are designed to be played simultaneously: Laima’s vocal and synth tracks on the ‘TONAL’ disc alongside Iggor’s beats on the ‘RHYTHMICAL’ record. Syncing two records offers an unconventional way to experience the music. Rather than passively hearing the music, the listener’s need to ritualistically sync both records makes for an immersive experience.
The idea for the concept began in 2013. Having moved from Brazil to London, Laima found herself at home with her children in a cold, alien city while Iggor was on tour. Instead of sending him messages to express her emotions, Laima created sonic textures consisting of layered synths and ambient sounds. Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bill Viola, and Laurie Anderson, Laima’s recordings expressed her daily routine – like a secret diary that united a couple often separated by continents.
In a sense, ‘Home’ is a very specific story. When Laima and Iggor toured together they’d perform to huge crowds. But when he went on tour without her, Laima was back to the world of laundry and packed lunches. But it’s also a tale that’s experienced the world over, touching on the changing dynamic of a couple’s relationship after having children, and society’s failure to value its reliance on women’s domestic labor.
Laima and Iggor’s contributions were developed and recorded at DEEWEE’s state-of-the-art studio in Ghent, Belgium, with production courtesy of Soulwax / 2manydjs duo Stephen and David Dewaele.
Since 2004 Laima has performed alongside her husband Iggor Cavalera, as Mixhell, releasing their album ‘Spaces’ (Boynoize Records) in 2013. Laima played synths on the 2017 Soulwax album From Deewee and its Transient Program for Drums and Machinery tour.
With her work as a teacher and activist, Laima works closely with In Place of War who empowers people in places of conflict and crisis to make music, arts and culture as a form of survival. With Ipow she has taught music production in Uganda, Tanzania, and Palestine and from there went on to help develop GRRRL with women from Ghana, Bangladesh, Brazil, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and The UK. Working with GRRRL changed Laima’s perspective on women making music and made her notice that, until now, in her life, she had been surrounded by men in most of the music roles. Laima is now working with Aida Refugee Camp teaching music production in Palestine.

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Soular Order’s beholder EP is a template of lush, electro-rhythms and light and dark moods.

Soular Order has released his new EP Beholder via his own imprint City By night. The four-track release has been in the works for a few years and was finally unveiled on November 8th, after singles premiered on the likes of Clash and Magnetic Magazine.
Soular Order, or by day, Jon Maynard, has racked up millions of streams with previous releases. He has been featured by a slew tastemaker publications, and his imprint, City By Night hosts artists such as Alaskan Tapes, Solace, Axel Grassi-Havnen and Izzard.
Beholder EP is strikingly fresh and original –  a template of lush, electro-rhythms and light and dark moods. He gives some insight into the process: “The Beholder EP was written over the course of a few months and combines analogue, generative synth elements with found-sound percussion and textures. It’s about self-reflection and taking control over life directions.”

Beholder Tracklist
1. Redacted
2. Versus
3. Downfall
4. Beholder

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Music producer Craven Faults releases new song ‘Deipkier’

Erratics & Unconformities is the first album by Craven Faults. It follows three EPs: Netherfield Works, Springhead Works, and Nunroyd Works. Real-time journeys across decades and continents, and swathes of post-industrial northern Britain.
The journey on Erratics & Unconformities picks up where Netherfield Works left off. We take the canal towpath out of the city. We fork north shortly afterward. Is this where it started? The terrain gradually becomes more rugged. Familiar. Wild. Evidence of human activity is less immediate in this glacial landscape. It’s there if you seek it. But easy to ignore. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the weight of the ice-sheet carving its way through the rock.
Scepter Studios, Manhattan. September 1967. Vox amplifiers driven to within an inch of their lives. An insistent rhythm. Familiar. Wild. We head across the city to 30th Street Studios a year later. More refined. Capturing a moment four years after its inception. We call into Command Studios in London on an evening in March 1972 before the pace drops. A moment to take in our surroundings. Music born in New York that has traveled beyond our solar system. A sense of weightlessness. We go as far back as 1906. Central Park. Tone poems underappreciated at the time – a visionary. We pay a visit to the village of Wümme in northern Germany. Forward momentum. There’s a nod to the rhythm of the loom. The studio building echoes with its own history by way of an early 70s Elka drum machine. We come to Van Gelder Studio in 1962 by a process of addition and elimination. We stay for the next three years. We’re also put in mind of the time we spent at Dierks Studios in 1972. A treasured record bought at sixteen. It takes time to reveal itself completely. Perhaps it never does. It would be lost now.
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Music producer Anthony Baldino releases a new LP ‘Twelve Twenty Two’

Originally approached as a collection of tracks recorded straight out of Baldino’s machine with little editing, Twelve Twenty-Two is a complex piece of thoughtful modular work. A truly stunning display of masterful sound design, Baldino’s sound resonates with listeners from first note to last. Existing in a unique space where ambient sounds meet vivacious bass, Baldino seemingly exists in an impressive league of his own, with Twelve Twenty Two standing apart powerfully from the masses. With an already powerful arsenal of artists and releases, MethLab Recordings adds a brilliant 10-track addition to their already wild playbook.
Born and raised in New York, Anthony Baldino is an LA-based composer and sound designer whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues. The likelihood that you haven’t heard his world is nearly impossible, with music and sound design in too many trailer campaigns to list, including Prometheus, Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Star Wars: Rogue One, and Avengers: Infinity War and End Game just to name a few. From there, his work ventures to the opposite pole of production with custom sound design based compositions for Dolby Labs mixed in Atmos, beautifully glitched out remixes, and continues on to mind-bending modular synthesizer performances.
With his debut artist release, he delivers a devastatingly beautiful album grounded in IDM that focuses on modular synthesizers. While a vast amount of modular synth music is currently being released, this album goes far beyond the typical beeps and boops that one may expect when they hear “modular IDM record.” This record is as technical as it is emotive. Tasteful and incredibly detailed, Twelve Twenty-Two bridges the gap between sound-design laden beats and cinematic motifs and ambiances. This record does not disappoint and is sure to become a favorite of electronic music fans.
The album opens up with a slowly unfolding melody that seems to be within grasp, but never actually repeats itself. Incredibly tasteful glitchy sound design leads us into a build that one would only expect to be in a movie, and then drops into a full-on sonic assault of impeccable drums and rich synths. From there, the record traverses a wide array of texture, time and technique. Closing with a track that makes you feel like you could actually reach out and touch the sound and float in its space, the sonic landscape created in Twelve Twenty Two is a true treat for ears.

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Singer Chantitown embraces the emotional in new EP, Camouflage

Folktronica singer-songwriter Chantitown has released her long-anticipated EP, Camouflage. The london based singer has seen support from a variety of publications, including CLASH Magazine, Paste Magazine and FGUK. However, some of her more thoughtfully written support comes from smaller publications like Indie Music, who described her singing style as “a poetic rhythm that shines through as the singer states half the lyrics whilst singing the other half”. You can read the full feature here.

While other tracks, such as, ‘Alive’ and ‘Strong In Broken Places’ have received attention, our personal favourite, ‘Somebody Else’ has flown relatively under the radar. The track describes the surreal feeling of watching a past love moving on with a new partner.

“I don’t want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else”


Cello-rock band Apocalyptica releases new song ‘Rise’

Finland’s multi-Platinum cello-rock band Apocalyptica have released the spectacular new music video for ‘Rise’. Integrated with the achingly beautiful new song from the band’s upcoming studio album Cell-0, due out January 10, 2020 (Silver Lining Music), ‘Rise’ is an impressionistic painting come to life, which enacts the humanity that we all share and the power and gravity of one-on-one interactions.
Said director/writer, Lisa Mann, who has created several other music videos for Apocalyptica, “The idea was to make a video that was whimsical and captivating, that would transport the viewer into an alternate dimension that mirrors our society and today’s importance of compassion and empathy.  Characters in this world fall and rise again, and ultimately come together to help each other rise.” 
To create the ethereal “other-worldly” look of the ‘Rise’ video, Mann collaborated with cinematographer Jason George who incorporated infrared technology, borrowed from the analog world and now re-emerging in today’s digital sphere. “Apocalyptica’s music is timeless, very emotional and cinematic, and we wanted the “Rise” video to reflect that.”
Eicca Toppinen continues, “’Rise’ is a statement of hope, there is always a brighter side, no matter how dark or hopeless things seem to be.  To believe in good and beauty, staying true to yourself and not giving up on that.”
In support of the release of Cell-0, Apocalyptica – cellists Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso and Paavo Lötjönen, and drummer Mikko Sirén – will special guest with Sabaton on a 15-country, 23-date European arenas tour that begins on January 17, 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland.
“We will be planning the full Cell-0 tour to be at the next level in terms of how we frame our performance,” added Toppinen, “because we don’t know any other way.”  With North American dates being planned now, the band’s confirmed dates are below.
17  Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
18  Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
19  Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
21  Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
22  Arena, Budapest, Hungary
24  Torwar, Warsaw, Poland
25  Max Schmeling Halle, Berlin, Germany
26  O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
28  Alcatraz, Milan, Italy
30  Arena Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
31  Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
 1   König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
 2   Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
 4   Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain
 5   Vistalegre, Madrid, Spain
 7   Zenith, Paris, France
 8   Wembley Arena, London, UK
 9   Afas Live, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11  Spiorthalle, Hamburg, Germany
12  Forum Black Box, Copenhagen, Denmark
14  Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden
15  Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden
16  Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

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Interview News

Interview with ambient music producer The Ambientalist

Music producer The Ambientalist has been in the music industry for many years, he had created ‘The Ambientalist’ project, because he wanted something very personal, a project for his soul and a place where he can release everything he wants without labels and months wasted on waiting an answer.
With the project being very personal, The Ambientalist doesn’t want to reveal his identity but he wants people to hear him through his music. The Ambientalist has loved music from his early childhood and was a big fan of electronic music back in the day. Now he listens to any different genres of music to get inspiration from other artists from ambient to pop music.
Describe your sound for us. What do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

My sound is a mixture of electronic dance music, ambient and chill-out. It might have also cinematic influences. I want people to feel the state of mind I had in the moment I produced a certain track. The emotions can be different, happiness, relax or sadness.

Which 3 artists have influenced you the most growing up?

Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Hans Zimmer

How did you discover your particular sound?

By creating a lot. You get inspired by others, you try different things and in the end you get your own sound.

What are the most important pieces of equipment to you?

The PC soundcard and monitors. At this stage, a powerful PC allows you to load a bunch of channels and the soundcard and monitors to mix them right.

What outside of music inspires you to create?

Books and nature

If you could work with, or perform alongside any artist living or passed, who would it be?

Tiesto, Illenium, Hanz Zimmer, just to name a few

Most artists say that if they weren’t artists they would be mailmen/women… what would you be?

I guess a footballer

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

A lot of new singles and I hope an album next year as well.

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